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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

(looks can decieve)

Subject:- with you i fall soo fast . . . i can hardly catch my breath -
Time:11:55 am.
Mood: ecstatic.

ahhh my life is absolutely perfect right now! altho ive heard some major bumps but everything turned out ok. To update you a lil bit on <3 david <3 we broke up for 2 weeks bc he found out hes going into the navy in about 4 or 5 months and thought it woudl be easier if we didnt get attached. well come to find out it def wasnt easier. i missed him while he missed me so we ended up getting back together and working things out. Im sooo glad i met him. hes so different than any other guy ive ever met. im usually the one saying you cant love someone after only knowing them a month or 2 but i proved myself wrong. he told me he loved me the other day and it was such a suprise to hear him say it but i loved hearing it bc i love him too. hes the best thing thats happend to me in a really long time. My whole family (including relatives) all adore him. i dont think ive had so many family members come up to me and tell me this one is a keeper bc they think hes soo great! lol

On another note....im going to CALIFORNIA with my best friend dana for 2 weeks. we leave this friday morning and im sooo fuckin stoked to be going with her. its gonna be such an amazing experience. dave isnt too thrilled about me being gone for 2 weeks but ill miss him and i think it will be good for us to experience being apart since were gonna have to get used to it once he goes into the navy. itll give us a chance to miss eachother more and then reunite at the end lol!! Well lets see all my girls GRADUATED!!! im sooo incredibly proud of them. we've been partying since they got out of school. its been such a blast and we still have the whole summer ahead of us! Dana leaves to jacksonville like 2 days after we get back from Cali....which im sad about but im gonna go visit her like all the time lol! Ummm...what else lol i think thats about it for now, Thursday were all going downtown to Club Fusion bc dave is gettin us all in VIP with a $525 bar tab...helll ya bitches! gotta party it up before i leave for cali! Hopefully ill be able to write again soon but i think that pretty much covers everything going on right now! im just really happy....and he is a huge reason why im smiling everyday! i love u david!



the boyfriend and friends!Collapse )

Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

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Subject:i get those butterflies when im with him
Time:12:39 am.
Mood: special.
im soo happy right now! i cant even explain how fuckin happy i am! Me n Dave are finally official....yup Steph is actually OFF the market right now! altho i do have to say its kinda weird sayin i have a boyfriend lol buut im lovin it! Hes the sweetest, kindest, cutest, funniest guy that i absolutely adore! i just have soo much fun with him...like tonight we watched Ladder 49 at his house. i honestly just had fun being there with him. ive waited for a long time for this to come....just me being happy. I love my life right now, i love my friends (you all are my life) ive got 2 jobs (yes their a pain in the ass but greatful for them lol) SUMMER is coming up and i cant wait. CALI june 3rd with dana. Neways, like i said i just wanted to say that im enjoying every minute of my life and i hope it keeps going this way. Hope everyone else is having as much fun as i am!

Thursday, April 14th, 2005

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Subject:your my infatuation
Time:12:20 am.
Mood: good.
soo i cant stop smiling bc of a certain boy lol bc hes soo cute! He cancelled this party saturday to go hang out with me! soooo sweet! and idk he's really awesome and i hope things work out! But were taking things slow which i totally 100% agree on lol! But neways im just happy right now and i love it! sweet dreams lovers <3

Monday, April 11th, 2005

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Subject:im craving your touch <3
Time:4:25 pm.
Mood: giddy.
Sooo Sat. night everyone went to this party out in like wekiva or w.e haha! it was pretty pimp! DJ FLURK had some mad skills with those turn tables lol! Then Yesterday i worked with Ais at Abercrombie from 12 to 6 and wow standing for 6 hours def hurts ur back lol! then i went home showered and did my hair ...gotta make it look beeauuuutiful! Dave called and said he wasnt going to the movies with adam anymore bc he promised me we'd hang out n talk lol sooo i went over there and had to take his ass to court this morning lol! such a bad kid haha Tonight i dont think anyone is going to the pub soo ill prolly just chill...kinda wanna go see a movie, who knows! Next weekend is LM's prom soo ill be out there sat. night partying it up with the girls! DAVE YOUR COMING lol....bc i said no if ands or buts about it!! hahah Alrighty im peacin out! laterr duuudes <3

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

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Subject:Happy Valentines Day dollfaces
Time:1:37 am.
Mood: weird.

Mmmk! yess this day has come lol! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY <3 hope everyone had a wonderful day :-) my daddy woke me up with a stuffed animal...a big doggy! hes sooooo cute and i decided to name him Murray! (chad michael murray was too long lmao) Murray is now my Valentine this year bc hes the only one worth my time and special enough hahah! Neways, this weekend my hotel is opening up a club on the 3rd floor (the banquet/bar room) soo that should be alot of fun! cant wait to dance my ass off....i miss dancing soo much man! Hopefully thursday me n some friends will go to Bar Orlando! its like my fav. place! and soon im going to Club Paris woop woop! Ok valentines is O V E R....it was gay lol but whatever! Dave is such a fucking STUD but hes like dangling infront of me with a sign saying you cant have me (he kinda has a g/f) ya talk about gay but hes cool as shit! Boys are dumb...im sure we can all agree! Of course theres one other boy that seems to catch my eye! he has since like jr year in high school when we met! ahhh but again another WRONG timed situation! once again happy valentines day bitches <3


.his voice makes me weak in the knees.

Sunday, February 13th, 2005

(looks can decieve)

Subject:UpDaTed! yess i kno its been a long time!
Time:6:36 pm.
Mood: lazy.
Wow its been forever that i actually wrote in this thing! i was just going thru some stuff and forgot i even had one of these! i saw my last entry and ya alot has changed since then! My life is still good not as good as i want it but i mean hey no ones perfect! I just went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras w.Emily! that was just a BLAST! i dont think ive ever had soo much fun in my life! No boys in my life right now bc they're all STUPID hahah! Yes for Valentines day i will be at home eating ice cream and watching *THE NOTEBOOK* hahah i loove that movie! Alot has changed with my friends! ive just kinda realized who's really a true friend and whos not! sucks that it took soo long but i still have soo much fun with them! Me and Dana are going to California this summer for like 2 weeks! im sooo stoked! we're gonna go to the Ellen Show bc shes hillarious and itll be fun! Umm...Anthony (a friend ive had since i was born) is moving from Cali to Florida this June! Ashlee Simpson is coming to the House of Blues in April so me n girls are DEF going to see that! <3 ive made some stupid decisions and have been screwed over by some ppl but hey life goes on right! Hopefully things will get better! i have alot to look forward to this year! Most people already kno all of this bc i talk to ppl and put it all on myspace http://profiles.myspace.com/users/5632109  go check it out! ill try to update this every once in a while when i have time! Hope everyone is doing well! laterr lovers <33

Tuesday, November 16th, 2004

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Subject:time to say goodbye for a while
Time:2:09 am.
Mood: good.
Alrighty well i think its finally time to say goodbye to livejournal for a while! I just dont have the time to keep updatin on everything thats goin on in my life! Buut of course ill miss it tons and ill still check back from time to time to see what everyones up to!

My Last Update...my life is absolutely GREAT right now! i couldnt be any happier <33 things with me n scott are workin out..hes soo cute and super sweet! Also, dana and mike are workin out and all 4 of us are all just havin a BLAST! I love all my friends and cant wait to see what lifes gonna bring me next! LOVE YOUU ALL! ..muahz.. ppeacce out lovers

Friday, November 12th, 2004

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Subject:i get lost in your eyes
Time:4:09 am.
Mood: curious.
Last night was super fun! Me, Dana, Scott n Mike all hung out at Danas house last night! We all took a walk around the neighborhood...that was interesting to say the least haha! Boys will be Boys...haha and very nutty! look out for that DEER! haha oh and i swear i thought u said Dre dana...not JAY oops! So after we got done walkin around we got back to danas casa and we went in her room and just talked til it was time to go! I had alot of fun guys! like i said in my last entry...tonight the boys are cookin us dinner and have some stuff planned! hmm cant wait to see what it is! im gettin off at 730 today from work so i can go over to Mikes! We're also gonna watch SHREK 2...that movie KiCkS AsS! yay lol! ill let yall kno what happens tonight! mucho loove to ya! xoxo

Thursday, November 11th, 2004

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Subject:laguna beach night
Time:6:05 am.
Mood: silly.
Last night after work i went to Scotts to watch Laguna Beach! gotta love it duhh...and of course Stever is wayy HOT! lol I met his parents and they're soo nice! Then we looked at his baby pics (how adorable huh?!) and watched tv more! *Real Men Wear PINK* loved the pink shirt scott was wearing by the way! And best of luck to him on gettin a job at Abercrombie! I finally left Scotts around idk like 2ish i think! I decided to stop buggin him hahahah but its just soo damn amusing! jk Today i went to class n then took a lil cat nap! Now im at work and around 9 me, scott and mike are goin over to Dana's so the 4 of us can hang out! Tomorrow i think we're all goin over to Mikes and the boys have "something" planned! how cuuute?! im anxious to see what this *suprise* is...hmmm we'll see! Well im gonna go watch my show! OC tomorrow yaaaa! cya later lovers <33

Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

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Subject:i cant seem to stop SMILING!!
Time:12:44 am.
Mood: special.

*I cant even desribe how im feeling right now! me n dana met these two guys that are just amazingly sweet n sooo adorable! i dont think my life could get any better than this!*

 today...i had my bio n psychology class soo boring! But the whole time i was just thinking about him! i walked around as happy as can be...and i havent felt like this in such a long time! Nothing else matters right now but whats goin on right now. neways...ill stop with all this mooshy stuff! Dana n Mikes date went awesome...they really hit it off (which of course is SuPeR) i got to hear all about it last night lol! i had to work at 4 today and then around 7ish i got a call from Scotty askin what i wanted to eat! Yup...the lil cutie brought me dinner from BK to work! tell me thats not soo flippin awesome! Soo we ate and he waited there with me til my mom came and relieved me! Thanks soo much babe...ur such a sweetheart <3

I came home around 945 and went online n talked to Scott some more! Apparently him n mike have something planned for me n dana this week...hmmm! but he wont tell me what it is, that lil shit! But really i love suprises soo i think its really exciting! Mike went to danas for dinner tonight which went really well and now we're both really happy n both cant stop smiling! I loove this feeling! hope everyone is havin as good a day as i am! x.o.x.o laterr bitches

Sunday, November 7th, 2004

(looks can decieve)

Subject:FanFREAKINtasic Saturday
Time:10:47 pm.
Mood: chilli.

yesterday i went to the bbq with the family n it was pretty fun! Me, Caro n Gizzle went up to the mall bc Caro had to get a dress for the wedding she was goin to with brandon! We went in to AnF to see if mr. mike was working but he was in the back...bummer! Then we ran into Scotty in there too! that was interesting lol We finally left the mall around idk 3 or something and went back to the bbq to eat! We all got bored so we went back to Caros house n then i left at 4 and went home to shower n get all beautiful to go out! Scotty came over at like 7ish i think n we chilled at mi casa for a lil bit then he was hungry bc hes my lil oinker soo we got Checkers and went over to danas house (which scott is totally in love with LMAO)

Soo after dana got her ass ready we headed over to spencers to met mike, chris n jessy! we all chilled there for a while then went over to Allens bc he was havin ppl over again! another Kegger yipee! me n gizzle had quite a few hahah just a lil tipsy huh?! soo funny tho! Later on we all went over to kane's house bc he was havin a party! (talk about awkard huh lol) that was fun tho....i saw colleen n some other ppl i hadnt seen in a while! We finally left and it was FREEZING outside....bbuurrr! i got home, talked to spencer n chris (by the way boys thanks for the talk...i feel better now) and hit the sack!

Woke up with a headache this morning...never fun! then went and got my car at danas house n headed to work! Then around 8 Scotty came to visit me and we watched tv. We DID order pizza buuut they never came...stupid dickwads! lol Now im at home talkin online n just kinda sittin here! lol i have class in the morning...bllahh hate it! Soo ya night yall! im peacin out! byyyeee

Saturday, November 6th, 2004

(looks can decieve)

Subject:Boys like you are a DiMe a DoZeN..
Time:12:44 pm.
yesterday was just soo much fun! Around 2 Dana came over after she got outta school then Scott came over and we hung out at my house for a while then we heard Spencers got furniture in his appt. so we wanted to go see hahah! Chris was already over there and Caroline met us there too! We chilled there for a lil while then me, scott n caro we to my house for tad bit! Caros mom was being super gay so we took her home and went to the mall and ate!! Taco Bell dude...yumm lol! Then we went and visited Spencer @ AnF and got him a Smoothie! yaa thats right...be nice spencer lol! After the mall me n scott went to Nicoles to pick up these pants i wanted to wear and then we went back to mi casa! about 30 min. later nicole n louis came over and then jess! We all just chilled for a while before heading over to Allens for his party!

Ahh there were soo many damn ppl at allens! Wayy too many ppl...the cops came a few times but didnt do anything so thats good! I got to see lots of ppl i hadnt seen in a while! We stayed there til...id like 130 or something and went to Mikes (also works at AnF with Spencer)appt. and watched *The Hot Chick* i looove that movie...soo hillarious!And he made us brownies that were soo scrumptious! mMmm! I didnt get to sleep til lke 6am bc Scotts dumbass was talkin with mike outside and then woke me up! lil shit haha! its ok tho!

this morning the stupid phone woke us up at 8 fuckin oclock! soo early! Mike cooked us all this big breakfast! Scrambled eegs, bacon, sausage, fruit etc....sooooo fuckin good! OMG lol i wanna live there now haha! Then we all left and i had to drive scott back to my house to get his car! (* i had soo much fun with you babe muah *) Today im goin to Caro's for a big bbq and then prolly out again tonight! God this weekend is outrageously fantastic! lovin every minute of it! yay...im soo happy right now :-)

Thursday, November 4th, 2004

(looks can decieve)

Subject:be sexy, be true, be wild, be YOU!
Time:11:32 am.
Mood: soo sleepy.
Yesterday i had class n dana came over! i saw Spencer at school and he walked me to my class...how sweet huh hah! I pretty much fell asleep in bio and psychology! Go Steph woop woop! Later i had work and Jess came to visit me at work! we were goofin off it was fun and i wasnt BORED haha! Then after work i went home to change bc i was goin over to Scotts to watch a movie! i wanted to get in comfy clothes LoL! soo i got to his house around 10 and we watched *the day after tomorrow* i love that movie! it was fun, altho gettin hit with the pillow wasnt cool scott hahah! ohh and he has one of those squishy pillows that i absolutely LOOOVE! soo i held on to it all night lol! neways soo after the movie we watched South Park....it was actually really funny! it was about WaL-MarT haha! then we saw that really old lady on the Sunday Night Sex Show LMAO that lady seriously must have been a freakin whore when she was younger lol! the ?s being asked were hillarious lol! Sooo then it was like 115 and i was exhausted so we said goodbye again ;-) and i headed to mi casa! i stayed up til maybe 230 talkin to him online for a lil bit then def hit the sack! Ohhh and i slept with all my lights off (except i left the comp. monitor on for a lil bit a light) Im tellin ya...the grudge is SCARY! Today i have another class then work! idk what im doin tonight (but i get to sleep in tomorrow) me n scott are prolly hangin out tomorrow and maybe tonight who knows! lol peace out biatch! <33

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

(looks can decieve)

Subject:the BEST man won!
Time:9:40 am.
Mood: scared.
YIPPEEE.....Bush won! thats soo awesome...they def let the BEST man win! soo justin u can kiss my ass buddy! lmao

Neways...last night me n scott went to see *the grudge* OMFG it was scary as hell! (Caro- now i kno what ur talkin about lol) And that stupid noise...i swear if u call me with that noise scott im gonna kill you! haha the movie was def good but ahh scary n gross! the movie ended at like 12 so we were pretty bored and decided to go to Steak n Shake! Altho on the way some stupid Semi tried to like run me over! lol DAMN those truckers! We sat at steak n shake til like almost 2 just talkin and bein goofy...it was alot of fun! i got a cookies n cream shake of course (its what i always get duuhh) Then we came back to my house for lil bit and talked in the driveway til 230am! Then we said our goodbyes ..wink wink.. and we may hang out again tonight and def friday (scott u better think of something to do lol) Then i went inside and justin called and said BUSH WON hahaha it was soo fun rubbing it in his face...i loved it! bush is just better u idiot hehe! So i talked to him til like 330 i think and then talked to Scott online when he got home! ahhh hes soo freakin sweet! ;-) Today i have class n work! woohoo im soo excited NOT! Danas gonna come over after she gets outta school so we can chit chat some more yay! Alrighty well i think thats pretty much it! have a SUPER day everyone! laterr bitches <33

**Oh yaa...i even slept with all my damn lights on last night bc i was scared (justin u didnt help asshole) im such a dork i kno but it was scary!**

(looks can decieve)

Subject:you put the CoLoR in this black n white world
Time:5:37 am.
Mood: bouncy.
I VOTED!! helll yaa...and i really hope BUSH wins!!

Last night i just went home after work n talked online for a lil while and then me n scott decided to take our convo to the phone! We talked til freakin 3am! hes too cute n funny! and our ? game was soo fun lol! Got some interesting answers hahah! We're soo renting ELF when it comes out and watchin it...i cant wait dude! OMG and we talked about Napolean Dynamite and how effin awesome that movie is LMAO! Neways soo today i had class...voted and now im workin! Tonight me n scott are goin to see *the grudge* ahhh im super scared to see it! lol soo hopefully i can sit thru it ok haha! Wish me luck guys lol x.o.x.o

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

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Time:5:38 am.
Mood: full of CANDY.

ATTENTION: everyone thats over 18 better VOTE! VOTE! VOTEBush 04 all the way!!

Last night me and dana took my lil sis Gabby trick or treating and it was too fun! gotta love gettin handfulls or candy! haha We looked cute too! woohoo Then Allen had a Halloween Party soo i was off to party once again! Another keg n lots of friends...thats how it should be LoL! lets drink to another kick ass night! Pauly came sooo i was super siked to see him! its also his BIRTHDAY today soooo.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DING DONG! muahz!

Alrighty...yes i did get my pics developed and they all came out sooo awesome! so now u can see for yourself how effin HOT all us girls are! so ENJOY!

being this SEXY just comes naturallyCollapse )

Sunday, October 31st, 2004

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Time:3:42 pm.
Mood: mischievous.

 well first things first...i def gotta say HAPPY HALLOWEEN! duuhh lol

Last night was just outrageously AWESOME!! the girls looked sooo gorgeous in their homecoming dresses!! I got all ready in my SeXy ReFeRee costume! ow oww man...i def broke some <3 last night ...hell yeaaa! Janell n aaron were bonnie n Clide, Emily, Caro n Jess were josie n the pussy cats (sooo cuute) Gizzle was a naughty lil business woman, Aisling was a sexy pirate, dana was an hot army girl, katie was a school girl....uhh ohhh, Cortez (the birthday boy muah) was a freakin hula girl lol...Brandon was a Chip n Dale dancer ( i sooo got a pic with him hahaha) and of course there were soooo many other ppl dressed up!! Everyone looked HOTT! haha We went to this huge party afterwards...gotta love the KEGS! we danced our asses off too....OMFG good ass times guys! we all took mucho pictures soo ill be sure to develope them and put them up on the computer so yall can see for urselves HOW effin sexy we all looked lol! After the party me, cortez, ais n chris went back to spencers to stay the night! Tight squeeze guys but we managed lol! 10.30.04 BEST FUCKIN NIGHT EVER!!! tonight were goin Trick or Treating (ur just never too old...at least not in my eyes!)

Girls~ i had such a blast with you guys! im soo glad everything worked out n we got to party hardy! this whole weekend was just awesome but last night just topped the cake! BFF ALWAYS n FOREVER!!! x.o.x.o

Saturday, October 30th, 2004

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Subject:"THE SAW"
Time:11:46 am.
Mood: super ecstatic.
thursday night i went to the baseball players appts after work....OMFG sooo fun! cant even explain how much of a blast i had lol! you boys are freakin CRAZZY! i didnt get home that night til like 3am i was soooo tired afterwards haha!

Yesterday i woke up and went to get my nails did! then to albertsons to pick up some much needed makeup and ran into emily n dana in the parking lot! sooo they invited me back to emy's to eat pizza and watch a movie! we actually gave in to dmonkey's choice of Princess diaries hahah! I went home around 4, took a shower n got beautiful! Dana came to my house and then we went to Lake Mary's homecoming game against Brantely! Saw lots of ppl from when i graduated! It was mad packed tho lol we were like freakin sardeens (spelling? lol) Me n Dana left at half time so we could go eat n she could change! We finally left her house around 945 and met up with the whole crew bc they all wanted to go to Cassadega. (some "witch town) ya that was SUPER GAY! so we all drove back and went to this huge party! Everyone from the game was there so it was cool gettin to see everyone! Then of course the cops came...never fails in lake mary but we had fun so its all good!

After that me, dana, spencer and chris went back to spencers to chill and we got really hungry so we went and picked up some taco bell! mmmm yummy! Then me n dana decided to stay the night at Spencers and he made us watc "The Saw" OMFG sooo scary and gross! I cant believe we actually got Dana to watch a scary movie bc she HATES them lol! Then the lil douche bag scared the hell out of us like 2 or 3 times! But its all good bc i got his pillow to sleep on! All three of us slept on the futon hahah that was oh soo comfy...except for spencer moving all damn night! jeeesh! Last night was really fun i hafta admit! lol This morning he got napolean dynamite downloaded ahhhh I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! "bring me my chapstick" (in the napolean voice lol) "no whyy" (his gayish bro kip) " bc my lips hurt okaaay....Goshhh!" SOOOO HILLARIOUS!

tonight the girls are goin to homecoming then im gettin all SEXY in my costume and goin to PPARRTAYYY! helll yaaa then we're stayin at spencers for a massive orgy LOL jk jk jk! its gonna be sooo fun i cant wait! tomorrows Halloween yipee!

Friday, October 29th, 2004

(looks can decieve)

Time:3:43 am.
Mood: ditzy.
Alrighty sooo last night i went to work early n then to the Powder Puff Game @ LMHS!! Nicole's bro was cheeerin....omg sooo effin hillarious! Nicoles whole family came and videotaped brian and as he says...they've got major black mail on him now! Sucks to be him! lol Anyways it was fun seeing some old ppl! Got to see my darlin tenelly! OMFG its been like forever and a day since ive seen her!! finally got to see my sis KRISTIN! hahah ilu girl! had to yell at Blake for being a douche to Katie! lol Seniors ended up winning which was cool! But everyone played a good game...then me, caro n gizzle went up to gators n steak n shake to say hi to some ppl after the game! me n caro got shakes mine was cookies n cream of course!! haha Then i went home talked on the phone n went to bed!

Today i went to the mall and got stuff for my costume! got the cutest lil black booty shorts with lil cherrys on them! Then i headed over to my grandparents to try on the whole outfit and it looked wayy hot! i cant wait to show everyone on saturday! then dana met me up at my grandmas house n we headed over to the other mall to go shoppin! i didnt see anything too appealing lol...we saw spencer at Abercrombie...what a LOSER haha jk! Tonight im workin but i might be hangin with nicole afterwards! who knows ill give yall the 411 if anything juicy happens! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!! x.o.x.o

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

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Subject:Almost Done!!
Time:4:19 am.
Mood: busy.
Well my costume is almost done and today after class i went to the mall and got my shoes @ Hot Topic (scary store but cuute stuff lol) While i was payin the guy ringing me up had me write GIRLS SUCK on his arm in black marker haha it was kinda funny! Neways...i also got this sweatband thats black n white stripes sooo perfect for my outfit! i cant wait til Sat. Dana came over after she got out of school and we cut her costume and made it super cute! DUNIT is gonna look sexxy as an army woman! This week the girls gotta get together and do christians bday present! its a suprise but yall will see what it looks like!! Tonight im working and ive got a meetin with my counclor at school to talk about UNF! yay now im gonna go finish watchin *Coyote Ugly* such a good movie! ..hugz n kissez..

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